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One of the keys to modern business is communication; employees being able to talk to each other about projects, managers quickly reporting to bosses and the sales team getting on the phone to potential clients. That’s why business mobiles are so important and why we’ve made it our mission to provide businesses of all sizes with the best mobiles for their budget.

A1 Connect provides sole traders and limited companies with the latest, up-to-date range of business mobiles and competitive monthly phone plans. As part of the A1 Comms Group, one of the leading independent business mobile phone specialists in the UK and established more than 17 years ago, you can trust us to save you money on your business calls with the most competitive business tariffs available.

We are passionate about working out the best deal for you, to make sure that it works for the layout and size of your company. We want your business to thrive. Whatever the size of your company, we are sure you will find exactly what you need right here.

Perfect for Your Business

A1 Connect has links to the leading network providers including EE, Vodafone and plan.com, all offering the latest in handsets and models from Apple and Samsung. We know that variety and choice is crucial when it comes to working out a business mobile contract for your company - you want to ensure that you get the deal that best suits your company's size, needs and budget.

This wide range of options offers something for every business. Our team is very happy to work with you to figure out exactly what you want from your business mobile contract and how we can help you achieve it.

Reliability is paramount, of course. What use is a business mobile if it’s constantly breaking, or it’s rubbish at getting signal? We sell mobiles to make things easier and cheaper for businesses, not to make problems and up costs. We’ll never sell you a handset that we aren't 100% sure to be high-quality and reliable.

Latest Technology

Many of our business mobile phones come with stacks of superfast data, enabling your business to stay connected wherever you may happen to be. We know that businesses require fast internet and more bandwidth to deal with their day-to-day communication needs. Smoother video calling, instant access to files and documents, quicker transfer and download speed and emails always at hand are all a reality when you choose A1 Connect.

Our handsets are the most up-to-date available, enabling you to get your hands on those apps that really grease the wheels of business. Publishing suites, video conference, payroll and HR resources and calendars are all available, and on the move too. With lightning-fast and dependable connectivity, A1 Connect delivers everything a business needs from its mobiles.

Business mobile phones are our speciality; we’ve been slashing communications bills for small, medium and large companies alike for almost two decades - you could be the next to take advantage of our expertise and connections to the leading networks. Get in touch today to see exactly what we can do for you.