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About Us

A1 Connect is an online mobile phone store designed for sole traders and small businesses. It offers a fast, easy and effective way to browse, select and purchase the mobile technology to drive your business forward.

Part of A1 Comms Business, a specialist B2B mobile phone provider based in Derbyshire, A1 Connect ensures that smaller companies can order handsets on the internet, creating a hassle-free and simple customer journey.

Established in 1997, the A1 Comms Group deals directly with three of the main mobile networks as well as Plan.com, plus the major handset manufacturers, to offer a vast array of choice for your business communication needs.

At A1 Connect, we pride ourselves on understanding exactly what our clients want, whether it’s the latest smartphone or the cheapest tariff, and we offer the very best level of customer service, so you always feel like you’re number 1.