CAT S61 - Black

Integrated Thermal Imaging

Built with its very own thermal imaging tool, you can use your CAT S61 to monitor and diagnose problems on the job with ease. Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or builder, you can make your life easier with this smartphone, identifying things like damp, draughts and leaks.

Leave the Tape Measure Behind

Thanks to the laser-assisted Measure app on CAT S61, you can measure distances and record layouts with ease. So long as you have your CAT S61 on you, it doesn’t matter if you leave your tape measure behind.

Safety Comes First

Your safety is at risk when you’re working with indoor pollutants like paints and solvents. However, thanks to the Air app on CAT S61, you get a notification if those indoor pollutants reach dangerous levels. The app also monitors temperature and humidity.

The legal bit:

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