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Cloud Telephone Systems

What are they? Put simply, cloud telephone systems operate in the cloud (internet), rather than in your office via traditional phone lines. They offer several benefits over traditional phone lines. They can help businesses achieve cheaper running costs, greater flexibility and even increased productivity.

Businesses everywhere are embracing the cloud in various aspects of their day-to-day running. Cloud telephone systems are just one more way to improve the way your business runs. Voice communications are now well and truly under the umbrella of IT. For businesses without a dedicated IT team, cloud telephone systems provide a simple way to integrate your IT and communications in a very effective way, without the need for an IT department to manage it.

Various benefits

A1 Connect is providing high-quality hosted telephony and virtual landlines to overhaul your business’ communications, both internally and externally. The marrying of voice communications to internet only offers benefits to businesses and customers, alike. Businesses get a more versatile and efficient phone system and customers get clearer voice communication and are more likely to get ahold of the person who is going to help them with their enquiry.

Business cloud telephone systems deliver a host of benefits over traditional landlines and phones and with the ever-expanding network systems that businesses are having in place are a very suitable alternative to fixed lines.

VoIP and virtual landlines give your business the ultimate in modern telephony technology. Whether you want to make cheaper calls over your broadband connection or forward calls to your mobile to ensure that you never have to miss one again, these products could be the answer.

Hosted Telephony

A hosted telephony system, or VoIP (voice over IP) as it’s often called, delivers calls over your broadband connection, using an IP handset. They’re much easier to scale as your business grows, will incur lower maintenance costs, and offer much smarter management features.

More businesses are relying on employees to be out of the office. With hosted telephony calls can be forwarded to your employees’ mobiles to ensure that no one misses a call and customers aren’t dissuaded.

Virtual Landlines

Advanced telephone technology has also paved the way for virtual landlines, which essentially forward landline calls to your mobile phone, and help you stay accessible and productive when you’re out of office on business. You can even take calls when you're out of the country.

Your business will have the advantage of using a local 01, 02 or 03 number which you can list on your website. Customers prefer a local landline number over a mobile number, it suggests an established, local business that will get the job done.