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In Motion Plus

In Motion Plus

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A local, professional-looking landline that rings on your mobile.

Having a landline number helps small businesses look more established. And it can be more reassuring, especially if it’s a geographical 01, 02 or 03 number.

In Motion Plus transfers a local landline number directly to your mobile phone, so you can continue looking professional, even when you’re out of office on business. You get all the great benefits of owning a landline, without the restraints like being caught in one place to answer it.

Available Networks:

EE plan.com O2 EE
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* EE monthly prices are adjusted every March by the Retail Price Index announced in February that year. Excludes business phone plans taken out between 28th January to 31 March 2017.

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What makes In Motion Plus so great for my business?

• Great value 12 month, all-inclusive plan helps save costs.

• Unlimited calls forwarded to you mobile means no worrying about hitting caps.

• No extra cost for calls on top of monthly rate gives you greater freedom.

• Choose a geographical 01, 02 or 03 number to look more professional.


Additional Information

Landline Handset Price -
Lowest Tariff Handset Price -
Lowest Tariff Price 9.99
Manufacturer Mobile App
Display Mobile app
Dimensions Mobile App
HD Voice -
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Orders & Delivery
Out of Bundle Charges

Out of Bundle Charges

These charges are applicable only when you exceed what is included in your tariff.EEPlanVodafoneO2Yodekoo
Calls to UK Mobiles p/m 35p 33p 37.5p/33.3p Eve & Weekend we think 33p 3p
Calls to Landlines p/m (numbers starting with 01, 02 or 03 excluding Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of man) 35p 33p 37.5p 30p 1p
Calls to Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of man p/m 42p 33p 30p 33p 1p
Data Bundles from £5.00 2 per mb 5.42 per 250mb Varies -
Text Messages p/msg 10p 10p 15p 10p -
MMS Messages p/msg 30p 30p 33.3p 30p -
Calls to Voicemail p/m Free Free 37.5p Free 0p
0800 and 0808 Calls p/m Free Free 17p Free 0p
Customer Service Calls p/m Free Free Free Free 0p
0500 Number Calls p/m 17p 37p 17p Varies 0p
084, 087, 09 and 118 Access Charge p/m 37p 37p 72p to 118. 17p to other numbers 25p Varies
070 non-mobile Maximum Charge p/m £1 55p 55.34p Varies Varies
Calls to certain MVNO's p/m £1 Varies Varies Varies Varies
Service Numbers          

Calls to service numbers (starting 084, 087, 09 and 118) aren’t included in your plan allowance. Charges for these calls are made up of a per-minute access charge from the network, plus a service charge set by the company you called. You will be charged the access charge for a minimum of 1 minute and then per second for the rest of the call.