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CAT Rugged Business Mobile Phones

Business and communication now go hand in hand and that notion still rings true in some of the more testing conditions. Outside in the cold, rain, or even snow, working amongst the backdrop of a construction site, a property development or anything else, the rugged smartphone range from CAT has you covered.

Specifically developed with harsh environments in mind, this collection contains handsets that are waterproof and able to tolerate drops and knocks with ease. These devices come with a number of durability features as standard including Gorilla Glass, aluminium body and a no-nonsense rubber casing, all to ensure that your handset doesn’t break should you let it slip.

Complete Protection without Sacrifice

Just because the CAT tough phones range has reinforced protective features, that doesn’t mean that any modern functionality is lost. Despite their appearance, the S60 functions using the ever-popular Android operating system.

That means that a whole host of business performance details can be enhanced right out of the box. Improved communications, an almost endless list of apps and one of the toughest smartphone exteriors means your business won’t go far wrong when you use CAT handsets.

In fact, the S60 specifically completely bucks the trend that some still associate with rugged phones. Rather than sacrificing features, a new standard is raised.

The first ever thermal imaging smartphone makes it the standard bearer for manufacturers looking to target similar working environments and sectors. It’s almost like having extra equipment for free!

Durable Mobiles with Unrivalled Toughness

An almost unique advantage of incredible toughness combined with modern technology comes as standard. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, warehousing and other tough environments, the dangers of cracked screens, split casing and water damaged mobiles is greatly reduced.

To see exactly how CAT tough phones can benefit your business, get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to get you set up on one of our tariffs, covering a number of networks, that works for your specific business.

With handset and tariff working in harmony, all there is for you to do become more productive, efficient, and above all else almost guaranteed not to break your business mobiles.