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Operating System

These days, it’s not just computers that have operating systems - phones rely on their operating systems to do absolutely everything, and which one your phone has is important to how it works and how compatible it is with certain software and hardware. People are much more tech savvy these days, and are very aware of the pros and cons of operating systems and whether it’s compatible with the apps they want and the devices they already have.

What do operating systems do?

  • Enable the use of apps and other features and functions that previously would have only been available on computers.
  • It manages multi-tasking between apps and divides resources between them to keep your phone running smoothly and making sure that none of your apps are shut down.
  • Provide a platform for developers to make new apps for. This means that some apps will only work on certain operating systems.

Here at A1 Connect, we’re very aware of how important operating systems are, so we’re offering you the choice between Android and iOS. These two operating systems each provide different benefits and features that you’re sure to love.


Google’s operating system has started rivalling Apple’s in recent years, offering a number of great features and functions that make a very enticing package. Take a look below:

  • Compatibility - Google has made sure to make their operating system work with as many other devices as possible. It seamlessly connects to windows computers and developers find it much easier to make apps compatible with it.
  • Variety of hardware - Because Google has made it so open, it means that a huge variety of manufacturers can make smartphones that use Android OS. This means that customers will have so many options when it comes to hardware and price.
  • Customisation - The openness also means that businesses can customise their phones’ user interfaces to make them more usable for their employees.


Apple’s operating system has been perfected and fine tuned over the years since it was first introduced. There are so many benefits and advantages to choosing iOS:

  • More intuitive layout - The simple way that iOS labels and lays things out means that older employees who haven’t grown up with technology will find it far easier to get the hang of their new business mobile.
  • Single point of contact - With iOS, the only company that you’re going to need to get in touch with is Apple, who manufacture the phone you’ll be using and its operating system.
  • Simple integration with other Apple devices - If your business uses Macs over Windows computers then iOS phones are your best bet for easy file transfer and usability.
  • Reliable security - Apple are very strict about what apps and hardware work with iOS, so they can maintain tight control over the operating system's security.

A1 Connect are committed to offering you variety when it comes to business mobile phones - take a look through our range of mobiles and talk to our team about which operating system is best suited to the way your business operates.