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Android Business Mobile Phones

Android is the world's most popular mobile platform, transforming businesses by allowing them to think and act outside of the office and providing the right tools for any specific task, including all of the Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Calendar, Docs and the cloud storage service, Google Drive.

Android business mobile phones offer all of this and more thanks to quite possibly the strongest operating system available. The easy to use interface incorporates a highly customisable setup allowing manufacturers and businesses to press on with the things that really matter. At A1 Connect, we are very happy to be selling a huge variety of mobile phones that use Android OS.

A whole host of business-savvy apps are available right out of the box. Schedule a meeting, check your email or look where your clients are based, it only takes a matter of seconds with this incredibly powerful operating system.

On top of this you'll be able to easily find a wide range of applications through the Android Market and Google Play Store. From social media and HR to payroll and marketing, you'll be able to install the apps your business needs to go that extra mile. Your employees will have access to all their documents and files with Google Drive, allowing them to keep working on things when they’re on the road, or at home. Supercharge your business productivity, communications and collaboration with Android OS.

With over 1.5 million apps available on Google Play, there's a business and productivity solution for every activity, helping you spend more time on what matters; successfully building your business. The open-source platform also allows for developers to create their own apps, many of which will be of benefit to users with Android business mobile phones. If you need it, you can bet somebody else does and this usually means that there'll be a person working on it.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Android OS developers are constantly working on even the slightest of flaws found in the operating system. In addition, the open-source nature of this operating system means that anyone can work on modifying it and making apps for it, this means that Google have a constant flood of bug reports and information coming in. With this ongoing stream of updates and fixes, Android business mobile phones only get stronger, giving you even more of the resources to help your company grow.

The Android operating system is available on a wide range of handsets from some of the greatest manufacturers, including Samsung. A1 Connect has a vast array of deals and tariffs to reflect this, so whatever it is you want or need, we're sure to have the right solution for your specific requirements. We strive to give you the best possible choice of tariffs and deals on iOS phones, so that you can choose the one that suits your business best - you don’t have to waste money on features that your business does not want or need.