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BlackBerry OS Business Mobile Phones

BlackBerry 10 is the incredible new BlackBerry operating system packed with amazing functionality including the ability to keep both personal and professional data separate with BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry Hub, a notification centre which integrates your entire social and email accounts into one common, easy to use app.

BlackBerry OS business mobile phones offer incredible features that any company could use to improve efficiency and productivity with instant streamlining capabilities. Right out of the box, email functionality, calendar insertions and BlackBerry Messenger ensure you’re always connected to the people that make your business tick. You can even increase battery life by as much as 15% with a Power Saving Profile – crucial for long periods out of the office away from a power source.

Your data is valuable and most of the time isn’t intended to be shared with outside individuals. BlackBerry Protect allows to safeguard information and your devices in the event of theft or loss. You have the ability to completely disable missing handsets, blocking a device from being wiped and reactivated without your consent.

If you need apps to help with the everyday running of your business, there are a number of key applications available to download and install. Publishing suites, payroll and HR assistance, social media marketing and scanning tools can be yours at the touch a button, enabling you to streamline processes and focus on doing what you do best – running a successful company.

Featuring the ability to download Android apps, allowing for an unprecedented number of previously unavailable business and productivity applications to be installed and now with the Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry OS business mobile phones may run on the cutting edge operating system your company needs to thrive.

The innovative nature of the operating system undoubtedly puts the power back into your hands. With a number of impressive benefits to be had with BlackBerry OS business mobile phones, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on one of A1 Connect’s great range of deals and handsets.