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Hosted Telephony

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What is Quick Start?

A plug-and-play Hosted Telephony package to get you up-and-running quickly.

Fast and easy, Quick Start comes with a load of fantastic features – like advanced call handling and powerful management tools – plus a great value call package and a free local phone number. All you need is a broadband connection and you’re ready to go.

Hosted Telephony

The benefits of hosted telephony, or IP telephony, are numerous and varied. Take advantage of it with a handset from A1 Connect and push your business to be better than ever before.

Hosted telephony means a telephone system that is hosted in the cloud, with calls being conducted over broadband. When your business’ number is called, the handset will connect to the IP network before being routed to the cloud-hosted system to decide which handset or mobile needs to receive the call.

A1 Connect sells IP handsets which are part of robust hosted telephony systems. These IP handsets offer several features, like HD voice capability for even clearer calls. A high-quality, back-lit LCD screen offers a clear display of information for users. Easy to integrate with headsets to allow handsfree operation, and with wall mounting options, A1 Connect offers handsets that are designed to be convenient and simple for your employees to use.

Your business will benefit from all of the excellent features of hosted telephony:

  • Disaster recovery. If some kind of natural or manmade disaster befalls your office, a cloud hosted telephony system offers you the ability to quickly reroute your phone system to another site to make sure your business can continue as normal as soon as possible.
  • Mobility. Your employees’ mobiles can be connected to the system, allowing them to receive calls even when they’re out of the office. With more businesses encouraging employees to work from home or on the move, this feature will prove invaluable.
  • Scalability. It is easy to introduce more handsets onto the hosted telephony system. It is a fast and simple process to incorporate a new office or new workstation into your network.
  • Low monthly cost. No separate phone bill is required pay for this service, because it is all conducted over the internet. Also, your business does not need to buy several handsets because your existing mobile phones can be easily integrated onto the system.
  • Call management. You can configure your hosted telephony system with ease via a web interface. Make your system perfect for your business.

For all of your hosted telephony needs, come to A1 Connect. We supply high-quality handsets which offer several great features and give you access to a secure, cloud-hosted telephony system to transform the way your business takes and makes calls.