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Virtual Landlines

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Virtual Landlines

A virtual landline offers so many benefits, both in terms of customer engagement and flexibility, for businesses. It’s nowhere near as complicated or overly technical as it sounds.

Business looking to attract customers will quickly see the benefits of a virtual landline. A business having a landline number will make it look more established and trustworthy to potential customers. This is especially helpful to small businesses of only a few employees, which do not have a permanent office and rely on customer enquiries.

A virtual landline from A1 Connect can be a geographical number local to a business’ area, to further cement the business’ image as local. Customers will see this local number and be reassured about the locality and trustworthiness of the business.

There’s nothing more damaging to a business’ growth prospects or reputation than missing a sale or enquiry because there was no one available to pick up the phone. It leads to annoyed customers, bad reviews and lost revenue. This landline number will then reroute to employees’ mobile numbers to ensure that no phone call is ever missed.

Our systems are great value for money for your business. An all-inclusive, 12 month plan with unlimited call forwarding means that you won’t be punished for being popular.

This all comes without the obvious problem of having an actual landline number, which is the requirement of someone always being there to answer the phone. So, you can have the reassuring connotations that come with a landline number without requiring an office with someone always there to answer the phone. You can be out and about on a job without the fear of missing a call because you’re not in the office.

Large companies wishing to go international will also benefit from a virtual landline, because our systems mean that you can have multiple local numbers in various different countries, offering customers all over the world a local number to call for the service you provide.

Go with A1 Connect for all of your virtual landline needs - we provide cost-efficient and effective solutions to help your business reach its potential.