SIM Free Mobile Phones

Why wait to upgrade? Get the latest mobile phone today when you buy from our SIM free deals!

SIM free phones for business

If you want the latest smartphone, or you just fancy a change, you don’t have to wait until you’re eligible to upgrade. Select the device you want from our wide range of SIM free mobile phones, place your existing SIM card in it, and you’re good to go! Our SIM free smartphones are unlocked, so it doesn’t matter which network you’re already on – just carry on using your minutes, texts and data as normal! See our SIM free deals below.

Benefits of SIM Free Mobile Phone Deals

Greater Freedom

All of our SIM free mobile phones are completely unlocked, which means you can insert any UK SIM card, on any network, as soon as you take it out of the box.

Lower Costs

Buying your mobile outright allows you to use your existing SIM, or get a new great-value SIM-only deal which offers bigger allowances for your money. 

Trade in for £££

After you receive your new SIM free mobile phone, why not trade your old handset in? In return for it, we’ll transfer some money to you – so it’s win-win!