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Business Tablets

Here at A1 Connect we appreciate that times are always changing, especially when it comes to communications handsets and devices. In recent years, business mobile phones have been joined as a must-have tool and resource by business tablets.

Operating almost as a device that sits somewhere between mobile phone and computer, business tablets have the best of both worlds built into them as standard. The convenience, functionality and portability of a mobile phone meets the reliability, power and increased memory of a PC when it comes to tablets, with possibilities becoming almost endless.

Generally consisting of a bigger screen than phones yet still remaining completely mobile, business tablets allow you and your business to take your work on the go and create view, edit, send and receive documents with greater precision and visibility. Large scale plans and drawings, data heavy spreadsheets and video calls are all arguably much better when optimised with the help of a tablet.

Of course, to stay connected you’ll need some form of connection. Our business tablets are Wi-Fi ready and come with wide range of deals including mega allowances of super-fast 4G data if you need it, with smaller tariffs for those who may not need so much. With packages containing as little as 2GB worth of data all the way to an incredible 24GB tariff, whatever the data usage of your company, we’ve got you covered.

Our terrific scope of devices consists of some of the very best makes and models available on the market including the impressive Samsung Galaxy tablet range as well as the keyboard attachable Acer Switch 10V. Specially selected with your organisation’s demands in mind, these products will make all aspects of your working day that much easier.

Built in apps including email, calendar and maps can be complemented with installed apps from each tablet’s OS specific application marketplace incorporating any number of business savvy tools to aid with streamlining your company and improving efficiency and productivity.

Feel free to take a look at our fantastic range of business tablets and place your order today to immediately see the power that these great devices bring with them.